Brain and Longevity

Dr. Jacqueline Chan would like to share innovative strategies to maintain mental clarity and enhance cognitive performance as we age. These practices have been proven to diminish the chances of dementia by up to 20 years. The steps we take to nourish the health of our brains also create longevity for our whole body.
In This Session:

  • Our brain is not fixed or static, we can remold our brain throughout our life because of it’s properties of neuroplasticity. There are certain brain and physical exercises that can enhance our memory and mood as we age.
  • Key nutraceutical supplements can decrease our levels of anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder and inflammation. Specific herbal plant medicines are able to increase the density of synapses in our brain, making us more “intelligent”.
  • The gut/brain axis and the glymphatics are two recent unique discoveries of the brain’s anatomy. These aspects of the brain further implicate the importance of a healthy diet and sleep

Board Certified Integrative Medicine Physician

As a holistic medicine physician Dr. Jacqueline Chan believes that compassion, presence and grace are crucial healing forces along with intelligently applied clinical knowledge. Dr. Chan received her osteopathic medical degree from Ohio University as 8th in her class and completed her Family Practice Residency in 1997. She later became board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Neuro-musculoskeletal Medicine. Dr. Chan was drawn to Osteopathic Medicine because of it’s holistic and individualized approach. Osteopaths receive the same full medical training of an M.D., with additional training in musculoskeletal manipulation and a whole-person approach.

Dr. Chan believes that health means more than the absence from dis-ease. Optimal health includes operating out of the highest expression of our soul’s purpose. She uses functional lab testing that looks at the body’s genetics, overall toxic burden, nutrient status, gut and brain inflammation, brain chemistry, food allergies, stealth infections such as mold, parasite, virus and spirochete, and hormone levels. Dr. Chan also addresses more subtle energies that can affect our health such as: Wi-Fi and emotional or psychic stressors. Dr. Chan uses a wide array of treatment modalities such as; an extended physical exam that includes the energetics of the body’s bio field, orthomolecular substances that help with production of healthy immune system and brain chemistry, herbal tinctures for endocrine support and anti-pathogen purposes, German homeopathic remedies for increasing organ functionality, IV nutrient therapy, IV ozone therapy, as well as hands on osteopathic cranio-sacral therapy and energy balancing.

Dr. Chan specializes in adrenal insufficiency, thyroid and sex hormone imbalances, brain care, acute traumatic brain injury, mood and cognitive issues, autoimmune conditions, musculoskeletal pain issues, tinnitus, dizziness, headaches, the sensitive complex patient who cannot handle taking medication. Dr. Chan is a member of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, the Institute of Functional Medicine and the American Osteopathic Association. She has presented on a panel for Dr. Oz at the Civic Center and completed a research study with Beverly Rubik at the Institute of Frontier Science, Berkley, CA on the Bio field. She is currently serving as part of the core faculty at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, CA.

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