Brain Care Program

Our Brain Care Program is designed to optimize your cognitive performance and brain health based on the latest scientific research and discovery that the brain is a dynamic organ with the inherent ability to improve functioning well into old age.  There are 4 unique core aspects to your Brain Care Program:

1) Assessment of brain chemistry, blood chemistry and cognitive performance using cutting edge lab work based on the latest research on anti-aging for the brain.  

2) Application of nutritional and herbal supplementation proven to lower inflammation, increase neuroplasticity as well as optimize brain chemistry.  This is to increase the ability to focus, improve energy and sleep as well as balance emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, or addiction.

3) Implementation of the Brain Care Home Program for the brain that includes the Mind Diet and Brain exercises.  

4) Cranial osteopathy for lymphatic drainage and enhanced oxygenation and circulation of blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow to the brain.  

I have found that the brain is such a sensitive yet crucial organ for our mood, our ability to make life defining decisions, work performance and overall functioning that I want to provide everything I can to help those who want to prevent dementia, maintain peak performance or reverse cognitive decline that has already begun.