Institution Medicine

A special global online event

with Dr. Jacqueline S. Chan, Medical Physician, Intuitive Healer,

and Faculty Member of the Academy of Intuition Medicine®

Happening Monday, August 14th, at 7pm (PST)

You strive to be whole and balanced in life:  physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Yet every day you’re faced with demands on your attention and energy.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for you to lose touch with your intuitive truth.  Society has taught you to look outwards for answers, instead of within.  You’re deluged with the should’s, must’s and have to’s and soon find yourself buried under a life entrapped in tasks that feel necessary yet hollow.  You are part of a human race that is developing the sensorial ability to catch up with the pace needed for modern day adaptation.

In the end you may feel depleted or stuck in a life you’ve created for yourself that doesn’t reflect who you truly are.

No one has taught you about your the anatomy of your subtle energetic field and healthy energetic boundaries.

That’s why I created this Free Teleseminar Event as a bridge to lead you on a distinct path so you can be coherent, whole and in touch with your truest wisdom.

You will learn the three key principles to raise your Intuition:

  • Grounding: What it is and why grounding is revolutionary.
  • Energetic Boundaries: What are they and what are the symptoms of a breech to your energetic boundaries.
  • Uncovering the Seat of Intuition

“Dr. Chan is an extraordinary provider with a tremendous amount of knowledge and compassion. She was the first provider who I felt was really approachable and attentive to all of me: mental, emotional and physical. She was able to tease apart my complicated symptoms, make sense, and deal with them head on. She does not shy away from anything. She was the first provider to recognize that my upbringing had an adverse effect on my health and mental well being. I feel safe, comfortable and cared for by Dr. Chan. Her knowledge and application of conventional and complementary medicine have significantly improved my quality of life. Our work together has been a collaborative effort. She welcomes my input so that we can fine-tune medical plans to maximize my wellbeing. I believe it is our team approach that has made the difference in my life.”


“Dr. Chan has a rare ability to combine the hard science of medicine with intuitive, osteopathic cranial manipulation which has resulted in incredible results. She has listened, accurately assessed symptoms, and through working with her I have been virtually symptom-free from dizziness and migraines just for a start! She has diagnosed and corrected health issues which were previously unidentified by other doctors that I had seen for years. She is a fantastic doctor and I would highly recommend working with her!”

Elise Falcone Rankin

“When you first meet Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O., you find a genuine kindness and concern. Her smile warms you, like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. You are about to discover she is one of a kind, in the longest human lineage: Women who practice the Healing Arts. Resonant in the Feminine Wisdom traditions of Isis and Cleopatra, Artemisia and Aspasia, to Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson; Dr. Chan brings a deeply developed and radical intuition of the Mother with the keen yet open intellect of the Scientist, to the practice of Osteopathy. You come to know that few delve deeper, with greater attention to detail in her mastery of innovation in Women’s (and men’s) Health, than Dr. Chan.”

Rev. Anthony S. Wright, MA, CCHT

“Perhaps the best way for me to describe this extraordinary doctor, healer, poet, shaman and woman of the highest caliber, is….[to] summarize the process: in two months I progressed from a reasonably healthy, fairly fit but slightly overweight middle-aged adult male, with good but somewhat erratic and ungrounded intuitive gifts, to a highly grounded, lean, deeply more intuitive and energetically clear human being. And my growth, or ‘evolution’ continues easily, in large part from the psychic and shamanic tools and skills I learned and/or reinforced in my program with Dr. Chan. I cannot thank her enough.”

David Hayden: Co-founder of the Magellan Search Engine Chairman & CEO of Critical Path Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999 by Ernst and Young

Jacqueline S Chan  DO, MIM  Integrative Medicine® Physician | Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Jacqueline Chan made a conscious choice to integrate two empirically verifiable truths: a specific compound, herbal or pharmaceutical, can help “cure” an illness; mental thoughts and cellular trauma or feelings locked in the body can both cause illness and heal illness.

She graduated from Mount Holyoke College magna cum laude in philosophy then did a short stint in an MBA finance program on Wall Street in New York City. Jacqueline decided her true calling was in medicine. In 1994 she graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Jacqueline is board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine and Neuromusculokeletal Medicine. Dr. Chan spent 18 years honing her skills as an integrative physician by studying herbs, functional medicine, heavy metal detox, osteopathic manipulation, nutrition, bio-identical hormone balancing and functional lab analysis. In 2012 she collaborated on a research study on chronic disease with Beverly Rubik, PhD at the Institute of Frontier Science. In 2013, she graduated from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® trained as a Medical Intuitive and remote healer. In 2014 she completed a Transformative Leadership Training; and created a Chakra Doctor Series and Energetic Boundaries Course within a yoga teacher-training program. Dr. Chan’s goal is to connect the patient to their truth, wisdom and own innate healing force within their body. As a holistic medicine physician she believes that compassion, presence and grace are crucial healing forces along with intelligently applied clinical knowledge.