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Do You Want to Look Better and Feel Better as You Age?

Around the world, people are seeking medical guidance for ways to stay healthy, active, and vital well into their older years. As a result, the principles of the anti-aging lifestyle are gaining rapid and widespread acceptance as a framework for lifelong habits for healthy living. Longevity Medicine is a medical specialty founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related discomforts and diseases. This includes genetic, physiological, and nutritional testing to develop a customized protocol for keeping your body supported and nourished with what it needs to feel young and vital for years to come.

Genetic Testing

When it comes to your health, we know that biology is controlled by your genes. However, you can affect the expression of your genes by the way you eat, move, and manage stress, a concept called biogenomics. We offer genetic testing, so you can gain insight into your genetic information and how it may impact your health. Learn what role your genes play in digestive health, how well your body copes with the stress of physical activity, or how environmental factors affect your body. With this information, you can discover how changes in your lifestyle can impact the expression of your genes and, therefore, your health.

Anti-Oxidant/Oxidant status

You have probably heard the term “oxidative stress.” This is analogous to a piece of metal rusting away. I enlist the services of excellent labs to provide information that may indicate if you have some of the physiological conditions that can lead to autoimmune diseases, cancer, or degenerative illnesses. We look for optimal values when we interpret your lab results. You may not “feel” that you have much oxidative stress, but the lab work can help reveal it up to 15 years before a disease develops.

Anti Aging

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in how we view aging. Today, you’re more likely to find articles, podcasts, and books that support the idea of healthy aging. Getting older has a new face, so to speak. Instead of assuming aging means dealing with more aches and pains, hair loss, and wrinkles, we see so many men and women leading active, healthy lives well into their 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond just by providing their bodies with the care they need to function, look and feel their best.

Healthy aging is possible for everyone, and here at our practice, Dr. Jacqueline Chan and her team provide everything from natural hormone balancing and stem cell rejuvenation to oxygen therapy and professional nutraceuticals to ensure your maturing body has what it needs to work optimally. It’s true that as our bodies change, they will have different needs and challenges, and our medical team understands these changes and how to address them.

Here at our practice, we provide Longevity Medicine, which allows our older patients to enjoy rich, vibrant, and vital lives free from the problems and ailments that often come with age-related problems. Taking an integrative medicine approach, Dr. Chan and her team will look at everything from genetics and hormone levels to nutritional deficiencies and chronic health problems and how each of these aspects affects your health and well-being. From there, we can create an anti-aging treatment plan that fits your needs.

Our practice offers several strategies to lead a healthy life throughout the years. These therapies and treatments work incredibly well on their own but can also be combined with other treatment options. Some of the anti-aging options we offer include:

  • Functional and nutritional testing
  • Stem cell rejuvenation
  • Natural hormone balancing
  • Botanicals and nutraceuticals
  • Cranial osteopathic manipulation
  • Brain care program (promotes and optimizes cognitive performance)
  • Nutritional IV therapy

Whether you are battling brain fog, anxiety, chronic joint pain, or memory loss, everything from our Brain Care Program to routine osteopathic manipulative therapy can provide your body and mind with what they need to perform at their best regardless of age.

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