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Welcome to Jacqueline Chan D.O., a holistic medicine practice in Larkspur where we place the focus on you, the patient! If you desire a relationship with a private physician who knows you personally and who provides undivided attention to every detail of your health; then we invite you to learn more about our unique approach to individualized patient-centric care.

Our private Larkspur physicians oversee far fewer patients than conventional practices. Therefore, we can create a superior, personalized health care experience giving you increased availability to and attention from the doctor. Benefits for patients include the ability to receive same-day or next-day appointments with little or no waiting time and longer, more comfortable visits. As one of our patients, you are more than just a number. With Jacqueline Chan D.O., you receive:

  •  Attentive, comprehensive care from a private Larkspur physician who cares about you
  •  A friendly practice that is comfortable, private, and on time with appointments
  •  Dedicated medical personnel available for all your medical situations
  •  The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your doctor knows you personally
  •  Longer office visits with ample time to address all questions and concerns with e-mails or quick phone calls in between visits
  •  Convenient appointment scheduling with extended early hours

The private Larkspur physicians at Jacqueline Chan D.O. have devoted their careers to developing meaningful relationships with the patients they are privileged to serve. By listening to you, understanding your needs, and get to know you on a deep, personal level, we can provide a highly individualized plan to meet your specific needs.

We encourage you to take a few moments to browse our website, learn about our approach to medical care and familiarize yourself with our practice. Here you'll find doctor bios service detail we offer such as, functional medicine hyperbaric oxygen therapy depression anxiety , and anti-aging treatments . We also have online information about concierge care, office policies, new patient forms, online appointment scheduling and more.

When you choose Jacqueline Chan D.O., you can be confident that you are teaming with knowledgeable, compassionate doctors who care about YOU. Discover a new healthcare experience at Jacqueline Chan D.O. contact us today!

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    All professionals at Jacqueline Chan D.O. maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field.

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    I highly recommend Dr. Chan for her skill, knowledge and her intuition in helping a patient to heal both physically and emotionally. Her skill with osteopathic manipulation is by far the best I have experienced. In addition to the physical she has trained and assists the patients to release the emotions that can hinder a patient from healing. 

    Jacqueline has continued to educate herself in all facets of healing modalities. She is truly one of the most gifted individuals I know. 

    Thank you 

    Darlene G. Stalter

    I have been a spiritual healer for 20 years and I have developed a high sensitivity to energies and their effect on the physical and subtle bodies. The work of Doctor Chan is among the most refined, effective and profound I have ever experienced. Her touch is gentle and precise, her ability to open an active communication with the body, its organs and its energy channels is extraordinary. She knows how to direct and awaken energy at all levels, and how to help the body reawaken its own healing intelligence for a more profound connection with one's soul.

    Esperide Ananas

    I met Dr. Chan after an 11-year battle with my health. By the time I found her I had lost my bladder due to Intersistal Cystitis and was left with debilitating chronic infections localized in my neo-bladder, kidneys and that was systemic. I had multiple hospitalizations and had taken hundreds of antibiotics over the years. In addition, I suffered from multiple Auto-immune diseases and was diagnosed with Lyme. I also spent 2 years completely bed ridden and 3 years trying to recover from surgery. I felt trapped in a dying and disabled body frustrated that after spending nearly a $250,000 plus insurance, I was no closer to getting well or helping myself. (1/4)

    An Attorney

    "...I felt trapped in a dying and disabled body frustrated that after spending nearly a $250,000 plus insurance, I was no closer to getting well or helping myself. After meeting Dr. Chan we talked about how to recover my nervous system from the amount of posttraumatic medical stress I was under. I had done multiple hours of biofeedback and therapy but it was not helping with the deep stress my body was under. My muscles could not relax, my spine was stiff, and I felt like I was suffocating, every cell felt filled with pain. And even worse I could not sleep." (2/4)

    An Attorney

    "...I would go up to three days without being able to sleep. My body had lost or forgotten the ability to understand rhythms, any capacity to relax, or integration of my systems. Physical, mental, emotional and energetic communication seemed impossible. She told me she did integrative hands on healing work to communicate and help my systems talk and integrate to promote healing. Well I knew I was broken in a deep way and had nothing to lose." (3/4)

    An Attorney

    ...From the first hands on session my body started to relax into healing. (I did one 30-minute session and went home and slept for 12 hours.) During my sessions she was able to vocalize and feel deeply into my system with amazing accuracy and begin to integrate all of my systems towards healing. Holding the space of optimal health for me while drawing on her extensive knowledge of medical and healing modalities she has been able to turn my system around into a healing projectory. (4/4)

    An Attorney

    When I was reviewing the best decisions I've made over 2017 the first thing that came to mind was going to Dr. Jacqueline Chan as a patient. I had been struggling with EBV Type Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over six months after a case of mononucleosis. As you know the prognosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is dismal. I was sleeping 14 hours a day and had to cut my work back to half time and had no social life because I was sleeping all the time and had no energy. It was even painful to ride in the car because it was overstimulating. After three months on her regimen I got back to BETTER than full strength!! I have used Dr. Chan several years ago as well and again she got me feeling the best I ever felt in my life: outstanding energy, tranquility, amazing mental stability. I would recommend Dr. Chan anyone who wants to have the best life possible!!!

    A Family Physician

    Dr. Chan is an extraordinary provider with a tremendous amount of knowledge and compassion. She was the first provider who I felt was really approachable and attentive to all of me: mental, emotional and physical. She was able to tease apart my complicated symptoms, make sense, and deal with them head on. She does not shy away from anything. She was the first provider to recognize that my upbringing had an adverse effect on my health and mental well being. I feel safe, comfortable and cared for by Dr. Chan. Her knowledge and application of conventional and complementary medicine have significantly improved my quality of life. Our work together has been a collaborative effort. She welcomes my input so that we can fine-tune medical plans to maximize my wellbeing. I believe it is our team approach that has made the difference in my life.


    When you first meet Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O., you find a genuine kindness and concern. Her smile warms you, like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. You are about to discover she is one of a kind, in the longest human lineage: Women who practice the Healing Arts. Resonant in the Feminine Wisdom traditions of Isis and Cleopatra, Artemisia and Aspasia, to Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell, and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson; Dr. Chan brings a deeply developed and radical intuition of the Mother with the keen yet open intellect of the Scientist, to the practice of Osteopathy. You come to know that few delve deeper, with greater attention to detail in her mastery of innovation in Women’s (and men’s) Health, than Dr. Chan.

    Rev. Anthony S. Wright, MA, CCHT

    Dr. Chan has a rare ability to combine the hard science of medicine with intuitive, osteopathic cranial manipulation which has resulted in incredible results. She has listened, accurately assessed symptoms, and through working with her I have been virtually symptom-free from dizziness and migraines just for a start! She has diagnosed and corrected health issues which were previously unidentified by other doctors that I had seen for years. She is a fantastic doctor and I would highly recommend working with her!

    Elise Falcone Rankin

    Time with Dr. Chan is worth more than anything you can take home in a bottle. She is a rare doctor who takes you to the Sanctuary of your Soul, where the truth and diagnosis reside.
And then the medicine in the bottle has a chance of doing a thorough job!
 Many Thanks to my favorite Doc.

    Caroline Muir Author

    We are very lucky “privileged” to have Dr. Chan move into our Bay Area Region. For anyone seeking wellness, Dr. Chan uitlizes her expertice in all aspects of achieving wholeness thru her hands on approach of natural gentle manipulation, her knowledge of orthopedic medicine, the albility to spiritually connect with her patients and the ability to prescribe inidividualized homeopathic medicines.  Integrative medicine is the perfect summarization of Dr. Chan’s practice. She treats the whole person (mind, body and spirit).

    Personally, I was astonished to find out answers to aches and pains that had gone unanswered by traditional medical doctors for over 30 years.  I’ve only seen Dr. Chan twice and already she has made a a life changing impact in my life.  I would emphatically recommend her to anyone and everyone Who among us could not use direction in achieving wholeness in our mind, body and spirit?

    Joyce Takeda

    I’m so glad I recorded it so I can use it as a meditation to reinforce the medicine.  What you tapped into is so right on.  I am so moved that you were guided to offer this session in the way that you did and that I have an opportunity to put into practice receiving in a much deeper way.  

    Thank you so much for your deep generosity, for trusting this process and such astute and acute perception.  This was an amazing session, a profound gift. I look forward to reporting some really great unfoldings!” With deep gratitude,


    erhaps the best way for me to describe this extraordinary doctor, healer, poet, shaman and woman of the highest caliber, is….[to] summarize the process: in two months I progressed from a reasonably healthy, fairly fit but slightly overweight middle-aged adult male, with good but somewhat erratic and ungrounded intuitive gifts, to a highly grounded, lean, deeply more intuitive and energetically clear human being. And my growth, or ‘evolution’ continues easily, in large part from the psychic and shamanic tools and skills I learned and/or reinforced in my program with Dr. Chan. I cannot thank her enough.

    David Hayden

    My session with Dr. Chan was remarkable. She is truly a doctor of the body and the soul. I experienced a major energetic release connected to a past life trauma.

    Dr. Jacqueline’s amazingly sensitive, tuned in healing ability opened me up in such away that we were both able to access information about the details of the trauma and shift it across time.

    I felt utterly transformed and have continued to notice that people are responding to me differently. I wanted to wait a few weeks before writing this testimonial to see what the continued effects would be and I can confidently say that this change is both real and powerful. New people, realizations and opportunities are showing up.

    I am so grateful to have this burden released from my being. I feel like I am more me! Free, open and ecstatic!

    Christine Tulis (Harpist/Healer)