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Meet Dr. Jacqueline Chan

I'm a holistic medicine practitioner in Larkspur, CA, that focuses on you, the patient! If you're looking for a compassionate physician who knows you personally and provides their undivided attention to every detail of your health, you've come to the right place!

I oversee far fewer patients than conventional practices, which lets me provide a superior, personalized healthcare experience with more availability, better attention, same-day or next-day appointments with little to no waiting time, and longer, more comfortable visits.

I've devoted my career to developing meaningful relationships with the patients I'm privileged to serve. By listening to you, understanding your needs, and getting to know you on a deep, personal level, I can provide a highly individualized plan to meet your specific needs.

When you choose me, you can be confident that you are teaming up with a knowledgeable, compassionate doctor who cares about YOU.

Why choose my practice?

As one of my patients, you are more than just a number. With me, you receive:

  • Attentive, comprehensive care from a physician that cares about you
  • A friendly practice that is comfortable and on time with appointments
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your doctor knows you personally
  • Longer office visits with ample time to address all questions and concerns with emails or quick phone calls in between visits
  • Convenient appointment scheduling with extended early hours

Learn to regenerate your brain with my book!

About the book

Amidst the explosion of new discoveries in neuroscience and our exposure to unprecedented volumes of information, a silent tragedy is occurring. You may be suffering from an anxious mood, persistent distress, agitation, inability to focus, insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or you simply may have lost your mojo.

After working with hundreds of patients over the course of twenty-five years, I’m convinced that the ultimate path to harnessing the maximum capacity for our brain’s remodeling needs to be an inclusive, whole approach. Fortunately, what’s good for the brain is good for your entire body.

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