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In January most of us are motivated to set goals that are important for the year ahead. I am happy to say there is A LOT we can do to support your health goals. If your health is compromised in any way, other facets of your life suffer: your relationships, your work, and your sense of enjoyment.

  • According to the latest statistics, we in America have an urgent deterioration in our health: 
  • In the last decade, autism has increased from 3 in 10,000 to 1 in 68 ( John Hopkin’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.)
  • Psychiatric disorders affect over 26% of our adult population and over 20% of our adolescent population, (2013 Medical Experience Panel Survey and published in Scientific American article 12/3/16.)
  • Of the top 17 most developed countries, the USA is last in health (George Benjamin of the American Public Health Association)
  • 1 out of 2 American males and 1 out of 3 females are expected to get cancer today. (SEER Cancer Statistics Review)
  • Alzheimer’s will affect 30%, and some experts are saying up to 50% of people over the age of 85 (Dr. Amen).

If we continue at the current rate, 80% of households will have a child with special needs, which will result in divorce by 2023 and the cost of diabetes alone will bankrupt the US health care budget in 11 years.

Why is this happening? We did stop smoking, we did start exercising, and we did continue to have good intentions.

The issue is we are now at the mercy of a modern lifestyle, which includes toxins in our fresh water streams, soil and air, increased sedentary nature, Wi-Fi and information overload, less time, less sleep and more pressure to make more money and perform faster.

Being healthy goes far beyond getting your cholesterol checked, counting calories and wearing your pedometer. It’s really about finding the right doctor who can apply the knowledge of natural medicine to make sure you don’t fall into those sad and scary statistics. There is so much I can do to help you stay strong, energized and have a powerful immune system.

During your office visit we can decide from this menu of labs:

  • How much of your DNA is actually under attack of oxidative stress for overall idea as to your level of exposure to harmful substances.
  • How to optimize your mineral status to help support the nervous system
  • Measure chemicals from the environment that can disrupt your hormonal system such as heavy metals.
  • Optimize your hormone health for proper emotional and cognitive functioning as well as cancer prevention.
  • Track 6 common biomarkers in your blood that help predict your likelihood of living another 10 years in good health.
  • Look at your gut microbiome for proper immune system and digestive functioning and calprotectin levels as a direct correlate to gut inflammation.
  • Fatty acid profile to look at the balance of fats that play a critical role in endocrine function, brain maintenance, immune regulation and controlling inflammation.

Even though insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of labs drawn for preventative measures, many cutting-edge labs are affordable. For example, with one company we can get your hormones, genetics and predictive biomarkers for around $100, for heavy metals also just $75, for oxidative damage to DNA $100.

Most people think of going to the doctor when they are sick, but if you are really going to make your health your number one priority, I invite you to think of coming in BEFORE you get sick.

Investing in your health every year IS your number one priority.

 A wise man by the name of Lao Tsu once said, “If you don’t change the direction you’re going in you may end up where you’re going.”

Please feel free to make an appointment for an annual physical exam and wellness visit.

Sincerely, Dr. Jacqueline Chan

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